Tubal Pty Ltd acknowledges the moral and ethical values of privacy and to that end is committed to ensuring, as far as practicable, the privacy of personal information of all our clients.

1. Collection of Data
In the course of our business dealing and operation our clients' details are gathered and held on the our data base. Should you require access to your personal information, or request it be removed from our data base, we will respond immediately in accordance with the National Privacy Legislation.

2. Use and Disclosure of Data
Operational access to our client data is restricted to management and senior administration staff only. Personal information on the data base is used to contact clients with regard to daily business dealing, responding to queries, new product, technical information and support and system changes. Personal details will not be supplied to any other organisation, or used for any other purpose unless permission is gained from the client in accordance with the Act.

Managing Director Tubal Pty Ltd